Vertical-Horizontal No. 3


The position of the end points of the lines was chosen at random with a uniform probability density. One of the coordinates was then changed alternately to create horizontal and vertical lines.

“ This instance consists of 100 lines with arange of -200 to + 200 along the X-axis and a range of -500 to +500 alongthe Y-axis. “

Michael A. Noll
Referred from Page 153 Cybernetics, Arts and Ideas

Created 1964 in Murray Hill (NJ), USA.
Artwork Type: drawing

drawing, b/w, computer generated.
Ink on paper
Size: 20 × 8,3 cm (graphic), 28 × 21,8 (sheet)
FORTRAN on IBM 7090, printed with Stromberg-Carlson 4020 microfilm-plotter

Part of Collection: Sammlung Clarissa

Computer-generated drawing, photo print from microfilm
25.3 × 21.8 cm
IBM 7094, Stromberg-Carlson S-C 4020 microfilm recorder
Programmed in FORTRAN
Produced at Bell Telephone Laboratories, New Jersey
Shown at Tendencies 4, Computer and Visual Research


Vertical Horizontal by A. Michael Noll.