Skulptur 2/86 (I) | sculpture 2/86 (I)


Theme here, is the movement of spatial line structures. They were bundled as real movable wire objects. The computer serves as a tool to evolve ideas and to make them visible.

Wolfgang Zach has created some real wire sculptures.
One of them came together with drawings in BITZ, Bremen (Germany) 1987.
The place of the real sculpture »Vitus fountain« 2002 is in Zeven (Germany).

Size: 100 × 70 cm
compare »Zeichnung of Skulpture 2/86 (II) | drawing of sculpture 2/86 (II)
compare «Ohne Titel (Zach)«
compare «Vitus fountain«

Artwork Type: drawing

ink on paper
original sculpture: wire

Owner(s):  BITZ, Vitusplatz