13/9/65 Nr. 7 Zufälliger Polygonzug


B/W print in Programm-Information PI-21, p. 29

This work is also titled as “Polygonal Course No. 7” [Reichhardt 1971, p.66], “Zufälliger Polygonzug” [Piehler, 2002, Fig. 39] or “Polygonenzug” [Programm-Information PI-21, 1966, p. 11].

Random elements defining the random polygon:

  • Number of vertices of polygon
  • Direction of each edge of the polygon.
  • Length of each edge of the polygon.

[cf. Nake et al., 1966, p. 11]

For more explanation read “13/9/65 Nr. 3 Zufälliger Polygonzug”. Both drawings were generated during the same night of 13 September, 1965, by the same program and the same parameter settings for random choices.

Created 13.09.1965 in Stuttgart, Germany.

drawing, b/w, computer-generated

Pen-and-ink drawing on paper
Indian ink on paper

Size: 40 × 40 cm
Hardware: ZUSE Graphomat Z64
Program: COMPART ER 56

Of the original computer drawing (pen-and-ink) an unknown number exist, estimated at between 20 and 30. There also exists a silkscreen printing (edition of 40). All drawings and prints are signed by hand (pencil) on reverse. Computer-generated signature at lower right: NAKE/ER56/Z64.

Rights: ["Kunsthalle Bremen":Institution@20]
Part of Collection: Sammlung Clarissa