6/7/64 Nr. 20 Zufälliger Polygonzug


The computer-generated drawing belongs to the earliest ever by Nake, and also to the very early in all of algorithmic drawings. The generative algorithm is the simplest possible: from the current point draw a randomly chosen edge (direction and length), Stay within the drawing’s boundary.

Created 1964 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Artwork Type: drawing

print, b/w, computer-generated

Felt-tip-pen. ink on paper

Hardware: [“Standard Elektrik Lorenz ER56” computer] ZUSE Graphomat Z64
Program: COMPART ER 56

Size: 21.1 by 15.1 cm

„sign. u. bez. u.r. in der Zeichnung: NAKE/ER56/Z64;
; verso dat., bez. u. num.: 6/7/64 Nr. 20 / Nake / 1/1, N“

Rights: ["Kunsthalle Bremen":Institution@20]