Geradenscharen Nr. 2 (12/7/65)


Random elements:

  • Amount of set of straight lines
  • Position of each set of straight lines
  • Rotation of each set of straight lines
  • Amount of straight lines per set
  • Length of the straight lines
  • Change of angle from line to line per set
  • Selection of drawing pen

[cf. Nake et al., 1966, p. 12]

The image belongs to the serie “Geradenscharen”. Some illustrations of this work of art are only titled as “Geradenscharen”.

Created 12.07.1965 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Artwork Type: drawing

drawing, c., computer-generated

Ink on paper

Size: 51 × 51 cm
Hardware: ZUSE Graphomat Z64
Program: COMPART ER 56

Rights: Frieder Nake

B/W print in Programm-Information PI-21, p. 32