Mutalité: Exhibition of works by Kurd Alsleben and Antje Eske at Kunsthalle Bremen from 21 November, 2006, to 14 January, 2007. In the style of a retrospective, the show started with the few drawings Kurd Alsleben generated in 1961 with help by his friend, Cord Passow, on an analogue computer at DESY in Hamburg. It ends with the communicative sessions that the two artists have arranged during the later years of their careers: small numbers of people come together, sit in a circle, and talk about a given topic without any restrictions in form or contents. Communication as such and as event here and now.

Shown at: Kunsthalle Bremen (2006-11-21 until 2007-01-14), (2006 until 2006)
Organizer(s): Barbara Nierhoff-Wielk. (Institution: Kunsthalle Bremen).