Normen White. we fix toasters


The exhibition Norman White. we fix toasters presents a selection of 14 machine works from his extensive ceuvre, as well as other pieces; as a universally known work.

The Helpless Robot occupies a special position, also helping visitors to grasp the important aspect of interactivity in White’s approach.

Other works are documented by means of drawings, photographs and video recordings. Interceptive actions and performances by White and his machines alre also illustrated in this way. A very special relic in this context is the male robot from the work Them Fuckin’ Robots.

The exhibition shows a very first survey of his creative ceuvre from almost 40 years.

(Source: Herzogenrath & Lähnemann 2009:8, 10)

The exhibition was organized by Kunsthalle Bremen (Germany) but displayed at the Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art in Bremen (Germany) from September 18th to November 8th, 2009.

The pictures was taken by DAM (Digital Art Museum) Berlin.

Shown at: Weserburg | Museum für Moderne Kunst (2009-09-18 until 2009-11-08)
Organizer(s): Wulf Herzogenrath, Ingmar Lähnemann. (Institution: Kunsthalle Bremen).