Resonances. Electromagnetic Bodies

This group show was presented in Montreal, Karlsruhe, Madrid, Rotterdam and Budapest.

Electromagnetic Bodies was designed from the outset as a platform for new interpretations. It was also an opportunity for guest artists to pay tribute to the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla. Although a key figure in science and technology all over the world, Tesla (1856-1943) is hardly known to the general public. A visionary inventor, he contributed to the emergence of the industrial age over his hundred of innovations, including the development of wireless communication, the utopisitc large-scale transmission and distribution of electricity, and the emergence of robotics. Electromagnetism remains an enigma even though its effects are more and more visible in our daily lives.

[source:] (consulted 27.10.2009)

Shown at: Occurrence Gallery (2005 until 2005), Centro Cultural Conde Duque (2005 until 2005), ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (2005-07-28 until 2005-10-09), V2 Gallery (2006-05-04 until 2006-06-04), Ludwig Museum (2006 until 2006), Maison Européenne de la Photographie (2006-09-20 until 2006-10-15)