Yoshiyuki Abe

Born 1947-06-21 in Gunma, Japan.

Yoshiyuki Abe studied Photographic Engineering at Chiba University in Japan. From optical/chemical to computing was his imaging paradigm shift in the early 1980s. In his image works, he uses geometric objects, mostly second order algebraic surfaces (hyperbolic paraboloids), and the processing of stochastic elements.
Since the 1980s, his work has been shown at international electronic arts exhibitions. He writes extensively about digital art and technology. He has established himself as one of the best informed artist-authors of the algorithmic and electronic art scene in Japan.
His interests have shifted from analog images and film to algorithmic art and stochastic processes.

year B.E. in Photographic Engineering, Chiba University, Japan
year M.A.&Sc., Open University, Japan

1972-1983 Freelancer as assistant director for feature films, director of short films, sound recording engineer
1980-1983 learning CAD, Pascal, C
1984-1986 graphics software for self-developed hardware
years Assistant to film directors Nagisa Oshima, Hiromichi Horikawa (feature films, documentaries)
years Photographer for promotional images of jewelry


Yoshiyuki Abe


Portrait of Yoshiyuki Abe from 2014