Man and his world


CG movie produced by Stan Vanderbeek and K. C. Knowlton in connection with Expo 67. This movie was programmed with the BEFLIX programming language, mentioned in Cybernetic Serendipity catalogue, p. 67-68


A description of BEFLIX in German can be found in Nake: »Ästhetik als Informationsverarbeitung«, Springer 1974, p. 152-155

_“Shown here are frames from a 16mm film entitled “Man and his World” made in connection with Expo 67. the film was produced by programming in a special macro-extended version of the BEFLIX language ( which in turn is written in macro FAP). The output in each of the instance is a 252-by -184 array of Charac-tron characters produced by the Stromberg_Carlson 4020. the resulting black and white film was subsequently printed through sequences and combinations of colored filters and a sound track added by traditional methods.”_

- Vanderbeek, Knowlton.67.New Jersey. [Source: Computers and Automation '67]

Created 1967
Artwork Type: video, comp-gentd.

video, b/w, computer-generated

16 mm color film
Color, Sound, 60 seconds
Computer: IBM 7094
Output: Stromberg Carlson microfilm printer

PDF: nake1974_152_155.pdf (3.3 MB)