Jean Dupuy

Born 1925-11-22

Jean Dupuy is a French-born artist living in New York for a large part of his life. His name appears here, in the compArt daDA database, because of his pioneering work in combining art and technology. He works in the fields of conceptual art, performance art, painting, installations, sculptures and video art. In the 1970s he curated performance art events involving artists from Fluxus, the New York avant-garde and neo-dada scene. His work is represented in important collections such as Centre Pompidou in Paris and Musée d’art moderne et d’art contemporaint in Nice.

Dupuy started his career as a painter, but in 1967 destroyed most of his works by throwing them into the river Seine. In New York in 1968, he exhibited his installation Heart Beats DustHeart Beats Dust at the Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Museum, as part of the exhibition “The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age”. The work consists of dust enclosed in a glass box and made visible by an infra-red beam. It won a competition arranged by Experiments in Art and Technology for collaborative work between artists and engineers.

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