Galerie Municipale Edouard Manet

cultural institution, general

Ecole Municipale des Beaux-Arts Galerie Edouard Manet is one of the oldest centers of contemporary art in ile-de France.
Established in 1968, the structure occupies since 1978 the buildings of the old town hall in the heart of the village. This place is local art center,open to all, for the teaching of art, but also to the production and dissemination of contemporary art.
Of national reputation, the gallery program mainly through exhibitions, emerging artist or recognized the young French scene.
The Gallery assist in the development and dissemination of their work, contribute to the production of new works and participates in the production of publications about them.
Also, the gallery supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.


3, place Jean-Grandel
92230 - Gennevilliers
Event(s): Rouges