Algorithmus und Kunst »Die präzisen Vergnügen«

This booklet was published upon the occasion of a remarkable exhibition curated by the editors. The show took place from February 3 through 20, 1993, at Galerie Meißner, Hamburg, Rothenbaumchaussee (the gallery is closed). It was a separate contribution to the International Symposium “INTERFACE II”.

For the first time, this exhibition brought together early algorithmic art by the European pioneers Kurd Alsleben, Herbert W. Franke, Wolfgang Kiwus, Manfred Mohr, Vera Molnar, Frieder Nake, and Georg Nees.

During the show at Meißner, on the afternoon of February 7, 1993, a workshop united the participating artists (with exception of Vera Molnar) for a discussion with a remarkably large audience. Never before any such meeting had taken place.

The catalog contains three essays written for the occasion:
Frieder Nake, Algorithmus und Kunst / Herbert W. Franke, Der Automat und die Kunst / Wolfgang Kiwus, Das radikale Wörterwesen.

Each of the seven artists is represented by a biographical remark, a short essay about his or her work, and examples of that work from the exhibition.

The publication is in German.

Year: 1993
Place: Hamburg
Publisher: Sautter & Lackmann, Hamburg
ISBN: 3-88920-022-2
Pages: 72
Format: 199 x 210 mm (h x w)
People referred to: Kurd Alsleben, Horst Helbig, Peter Henne