Medien Kunst Netz [Media Art Net]

Medien Kunst Netz [Media Art Net] is a database about media art, which is maintained by the ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany.

“Media art—by definition multimedia, time-based or process-oriented—cannot be sufficiently mediated in book form. Mainstream art and cultural mediation, still being primarily print-based, do little justice to its specificity. On the other hand, Net-based media have not yet been able to establish platforms that reach more than the usual circle of insiders. Introducing the range of topics related to media and art, «Media Art Net» thus aims at establishing an Internet structure that offers highly qualified content by granting free access at the same time. Tendencies of art and media technology development throughout the twentieth century serve as the background for promoting historic and contemporary perspectives on artistic work in and with the media. A combination of diverse representational modes will offer a condensed, attractively presented multimedia focus for the interested ‘surfer,’ as well as profusely documented in depth information for users specifically involved in research. The main objective is, therefore, to establish theoretically and audio-visually convincing forms of relationships and references that cross the boundaries of genre. A consistently bilingual version (German/English) further transmits the international character of this undertaking.

«Media Art Net» cooperates with the educational portal-site «Bildungsportal Sachsen,» and the project «» which is financed by BMB+F. A student program was set up for a residency at ZKM in cooperation with MECAD, Barcelona, and the Centro Multimedia, Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City.” [Media Art Net, n. d.]

Place: Karlsruhe (Germany)
Publisher: ZKM
URL: (retrieved: 2009-03-30)
People referred to: Kurd Alsleben, Cord Passow
Artworks referred to: computer graphics 1960