Computers and Automation

Author(s): Edmund C. Berkeley (Ed.)

Published by Edmund C. Berkeley since 1950, Computers and Automation was the first magazine dedicated to developments of computer technology and software as well as the computing scene. The magazine was originally called Roster of Organizations in the Field of Automatic Computing Machinery, and later The Computing Machinery Field
[], before it adopted its less technically sounding title, Computers and Automation.

Ed Berkeley became a pioneer in the field of digital art insofar as he initiated the first Computer Art Contest in 1963.

A regular bibliography on computer art was compiled by Mezei, Leslie since 1966.

Complete annotated issues in the Database:
Computers and Automation 1967
Computers and Automation 1968
Computers and Automation 1969

Computers and Automation stopped publishing in 1972.

It was succeeded in 1974 by the magazine Computers and People.

Place: New York
Publisher: Edmund C. Berkeley and Associates
ISBN: 0010-4795 0010-4795