The Ulm School of Design

educational institution, general

The Ulm School of Design (Hochschule für Gestaltung – HfG Ulm) was in operation from from 1953 to 1968 at Ulm,Germany.

Co-founded by Inge Aicher-Scholl, Otl Aicher and Max Bill, HfG Ulm was a influential design school and remembered for including semiotics as a discipline within design study.

Primarily focussed on research and development of Industrial Design students were also trained in Visual Communication, Building, Information, and Film.

The list of faculty and guest instructors who taught there include Dieter Rams, Hans Gugelot, Tomas Maldonado and Otl Aicher. The building which housed it was designed by Max Bill, who was also the school’s first rektor. It ceased operations in 1968 due to lack of funds, but is still remembered for it’s progressive values.

A timeline of it’s decade and a half years of existense can be found here –