International Psytech Art Exhibition - "Electromagica 69"


International Psytech Art Exhibition: Apr26 – May25, 1969, Tokyo, Japan.

The exhibition featured works of art from France, Germany, USA and Japan demonstarating new trends in kinetic and light art using the media installations with Laser Beam, Ultra Violet Light, Strobo Light, Electronics, TV, VCR, etc.

This was the first time such works were exhibited openly to the public in Japan.

100 Stroboscopic lights flashing on and off upon the outer wall of the SONY Building, the exclusive display in the SONY Square, the magical event of the elevator up to the 8th floor, etc., all of these created the fabulous atmosphere of “ELECTROMAGICA 69”.

The symposium was held at Sogetsu Hall in Akasaka on April 30, 1969 at 6:30PM featuring the invited artists.

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