Series of Pattern: Flow


Computer-generated design, gouache on paper
OKITAC 5090A, line printer
Programmed in OKISIP
Produced at the Computer Center, University of Tokyo
Reproduced in Japan Display Design Monthly, vol. 7, no. 6, #66. June 1965

“Editorial note: Abstract paintings created by students of Hiroshi Kawano were digitalized by dividing the images into grids of single elements and recording their attributes numerically. These input data were transformed by Markov chain random processes, which consist of 1) analysis: defining transition probability matrix, and 2) synthesis: the Monte Carlo method. Thus, the output data for new images were generated. The images were painted by hand in gouache on paper.” Source: Rosen, 2011 P. 257

Created 1964 in Tokyo, Japan.
Artwork Type: other

other, b/w, computer-generated

Rights: Archive ["MSU | Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb":Institution@164], Zagreb