Frank Böttger

Born 1946 in Speyer, Germany.

Frank Boettger was trained as an electrician and attended the School of Engineering in Kaiserslautern. Since 1969, Boettger was employed in the computing department of the company Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm (MBB) where he had the opportunity to do computer-aided drawings. On the initiative of Winfried Fischer – then head of the Press Department and cultural program at MBB – four members of the computing centre and the artist Sylvia Roubaud collaborated to develop artistic computer graphics. They appeared in public as a group under the title [”“MBB Computer Graphics”“:Collective@31].

A book was published, Compuler Graphics by Johann Willsberger (1972), shows numerous images by the participants.

At MBB, Boettger also developed his own works in collaboration with Aron Warszawski. His work in computer graphics was limited to the years 1970-1972. This applies to all of the group MBB Computer Graphics.

He has lived in Australia since the 1980s.

Read and see more at Heike Werner Galerie für Computerkunst.

[Source: Ex Machina – Frühe Computergrafik bis 1979. ...]

Part of artist groups(s): MBB Computer Graphics
Programming languages/software used: FORTRAN