Rolf Wölk

Born 1939 in Vienna, Austria.

Rolf Wölk was the head of the cultural department of MBB before Fischer, Winfried (who set up the MBB Computer Graphics group in 1971). He had already gained over two years of experience in this area being inspired by the increasing performance of plotter systems, and having experimented freely with programmable graphical structures.

He had studied mathematics and physics in Frankfurt am Main, since 1966 active in the field of mathematics and EDP at the Messerschmitt-Balkow-Blohm company.

A large variety of his works created in 1971/72 has been published in the illustrated book Computer Graphics by Johann Willsberger (1972).

Although Wolk consciously works under the influence of coincidence, he still wants the algorithm being used to remain visible for the observer so that he can understand its creation.

[Source: Ex Machina – Frühe Computergrafik bis 1979. ...]

Part of artist groups(s): MBB Computer Graphics
Programming languages/software used: FORTRAN