Tendencies 4 (1969), Computers and Visual Research


Jonathan Benthall in front of works by Peter Milojevic

This exhibition was part of the Tendencies 4, organized by the New Tendencies movement. It was shown at the Galerija suvremene umjetnosti (Gallery of Contemporary Art, today the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb) in Zagreb from May 5th until August 30th, 1969.

The art exhibition was accompanied by an International symposium by the same name Computers and Visual Research. The symposium took place on May 5th and 6th, 1969; the speakers were:

Kurd Alsleben, Art Research Center (Nancy Stephens and Thomas Michael Stephens), Bozo Bek, Renzo Beltrame, Jonathan Benthall, Vladimir Bonačić, Silvio Ceccato, Waldemar Cordeiro, Umberto Eco, Herbert W. Franke, Grgo Gamulin, Karl Gerstner, Alfred Graßl, (arsintermedia), Josef Hlavacek, Vera Horvat-Pintaric, Boris Kelemen, Zelimir Koscevic, Martin Krampen, Leonardo Mosso, Vjenceslav Richter, Zdenko Šternberg, Josef Herman Stiegler, and Bozo Tezak.

Frieder Nake and Marc Adrian did not assist, but both sent papers that were read during the event. Most of the texts presented in the symposium were published in a special issue of bit international, and some of them were reprinted in [Rosen, 2011].

Other events of the Tendencies 4 were:


Jonathan Benthall in front of works by Peter Milojevic


Meeting of the jury: Bozo Bek, and Umberto Eco in front of a portrait of Josip Broz Tito and a painting by Victor Vasarely (from left).


Visitor in front of Work no. 4. Series of Rectilinear Pattern and Work no. 5. Series of Flow Pattern by Hiroshi Kawano


During the setting up of the t4 exhibitions: Gabriele Devecchi, Matko Meštrović, Gianni Colombo, Biljana Tomie, Vladimir Bonačić, Umberto Eco, and Martin Krampen (from left) in front of Idealized Brushstrokes by Evan Harris Walker at the Galerija suvremene umjetnosti [Gallery of Contemporary Art], Zagreb.


Meeting of the jury: Bozo Bek, Biljana Tomie, Dalija Grün, Martin Krampen, Umberto Eco, Matko Meštrović, and Vladimir Bonačić (from left).


PLN0434 and DIN. GF100 by Vladimir Bonačić


Gargoyle, Seagulls, Mural, and Telephone by Leon D. Harmon and Kenneth C. Knowlton, Bell Telephone Laboratories.


Visitors in front of Beabed by Waldemar Cordeiro and Giorgio Moscati (left) and Elektronische Computergraphik [Electronic Computer Graphics] by Otto Beckmann and Alfred Graßl (right).


Visitor in front of works by Charles Csuri, Robert Mallary, Leslie Mezei, Compos 68.


Vladimir Bonačić speaking at the symposium.


Waldemar Cordeiro speaking at the symposium.


Jon Brees Thogmartin and Nancy Step hens, Art Research Center (ARC).


Boris Kelemen and Kurd Alsleben at the symposium.


Frans Haks, head of the library of the Institute of Art History of Utrecht University, and the members of Compos 68, Arthur Veen, Jeroen Clausman, and Jan Baptist Bedaux (from left).