José Luis Alexanco

Born 1942 in Madrid, Spain.

Alexanco, together with Manuel Barbadillo was one of the most prominent computer artist of Spain during the 60´s.

Founding member of Generación Automática de Formas Plásticas, that was held in the Centro de Calculos de la Universidad de Madrid, Alexanco was one of the few artists from this seminar, that actually learnt to program by himself (FORTRAN IV).

His mayor work through the cybernetic experience was based in his investigation around anthropomorphic forms and a way to systematically transform these figures to generate movement. As a result he produced various 3d anthropomorphic modules. Nevertheless, Alexanco was gradually more interested in the code process of generating this forms rather than the partial results that were built from it.

Alexanco contributed with various texts that were published in the book “Ordenadores en el Arte” compiled by E. García Camarero.



Programming languages/software used: FORTRAN

1942 Born in Madrid
1969-1973 He participates in the seminar Generación Automática de Formas Plásticas.
1972 He organizes the event “Encuentro de Pamplona” an international art event including performance and experimental music in times of the spanish dictatorship.
1975-1979 He works in California,USA.
1990 Alexanco travels frequently to Siria making on of his mayor works Suite Siria.