Grundlagenstudien aus Kybernetik und Geisteswissenschaft

The journal “Grundlagenstudien aus Kybernetik und Geisteswissenschaft – Internationale Zeitschrift für Modellierung und Mathematisierung in den Humanwissenschaften” [Fundamental studies of Cybernetics and Humanities – International Review for Modelling and Application of Mathematics in Humanities] was founded by Helmar Frank, Max Bense and in Gerhard Eichhorn 1960.

“Cybernetics of Social Systems comprises all those branches of science which apply mathematical models and methods of analysis to matters which had previously been the exclusive domain of the humanitiec. Above all this includes information psychology(including theories of cognition and ‘artificial intelligence’ as well as psychopathometrics and geriatrics), aesthetics of information and cybernetic educational theory, cybernetic linguistics (including text-statistics, mathematical linguistics and constructive interlinguistics) as well as economic, social and juridical cybernetic. -In addition to its principal areas of interest, the GrKG/HUMANKYBERNETIK offers a forum for the publication of articles of a general nature in three other fields: biocybernetics, cybernetic engineering and general cybernetics (theory of informational structure). There is also room for metacybernetic subjects: not just the history and philosophy of cybernetics but also cybernetic approaches to education and literature are welcome (Zeitschrift).” [ZPID Psychologie-Fachzeitschriften – GrKG/Humankybernetik, 2008]

Place: Paderborn
Publisher: Akademia Libroservo
People referred to: Georg Nees