Theo Lutz

Born 1932-07-23 in Esslingen, Germany.
Died 2010-01-31 in Esslingen, Germany.

Lutz was a German mathematician and programmer who worked as a computer scientist. Through one of his works he became a pioneer in digital poetry. In 1959 he created stochastic texts programmed on a Zuse Z22 computer at the Stuttgart Institute of Technology. This was probably the first piece of computer-generated poetry, respectively literature. Lutz’ program generated pairs of sentences, each of one line length. They were following each other in an endless sequence. The original version of the program randomly chose words from a repertoire that had been pre-selected from Franz Kafka’s Das Schloss. Max Bense had contributed this idea. [compare Herzogenrath et al., 2007]

Member of institution(s): Stuttgart School