Sekundärtransmutation, Partialdiagramm 9


From 1964 to 1969. Josef Hermann Stiegler developed methods to generate “cybernetic graphics,” which he called programs. The program “secondary transmutation” resulted from investigating works by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. Stiegler experimented with montages of single lines taken from poems by Enzensberger, which appeared in the volumes verteidigung der wölfe [Defense of the Wolves] (1957, landessprache. gedichte [Language of the Country. Poems] (1960), and blindenschrift [Braille] (1964). For se lf-monitoring purposes Stiegler sought a method to produce a topographical pl an for montage, which resulted in a “generative program within the context of ration al aesthetics.”

See: Josef Hermann Stiegler. “Ein rational-asthetisches Programm,” in: wb2. dokumentation werkstatt breitenbrunn. 1968. Breitenbrunn. 1970. n. p .

Source: [Rosen, 2011]

Created 1964-1969?
Artwork Type: drawing
Rights: Archive ["MSU":Institution@164], Zagreb