Lochblendenstrukturen - Programm 3.8.14


“A multiple ‘camera obscura’ generates several programs of super-positions of pinhole structures (diaphragm patterns). The hole screens consist of an evaluate number of little apertures (= sign) in a determined arrangement (pattern, screen). [ ... ] Color, contrast, and distribution of the signs and of the structures and the continuation of a series result from a determined program. The program can be steered by the kind of signs and patterns, their angle constellation, and by their distance.”

[Gottfried Jäger in: tendencije 4, exhib. cat., Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb, 1970, n. p.]

Source: [Rosen, 2011]

Created 1967
Artwork Type: photograph

photograph(s), b/w, computer-generated

8 x (50 × 50 cm)

Rights: Gottfried Jäger
Owner(s): Gottfried Jaeger