Red Tree


Red Tree, by Hiroshi Kawano, 1971.

Hiroshi Kawano, 1971.

Simulated Color Mosaic (Serie).

IBM 360/75, Fortan 4.

This work has the title “Red Tree”, as noted by Kawano in the exhibition catalogue for “20th Century Computer Art: Beginnings and Developments. The Work and Thought of Pioneers and Contemporary Practitioners of Algorithmic Art” at the Tama Art University Museum in Tokyo [Kawano, 2006]. However, it is also known as “Untitled”, as it is part of the Art Ex Machina Portfolio from 1972, which does not include the work titles [cf. V&A Collection, n. d.].

Owned by:
[37/200] – Frieder Nake
[197/200] – V&A Collection
[197/200] – Anne and Michael Spalter Collection

Created 1972

Screenprint from a computer-generated image

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