Womb of Water


Typical of her computer graphics are reminiscences of natural and landscape motifs, which are particular obvious Womb of Water – Creation Series/Beasts in the Field. [Source: Ex Machina – Frühe Computergrafik bis 1979. ...]

Hertlein herself judges these “more significant” than those with the stronger experimental-playful component first mentioned – she believes that like traditional art, Computer Art has different levels and functions:

It is worth noting that not all computer art needs to be considered as ‘enduring’ art. Some works may be brief experiments, with specific objectives. Others might be artistic accidents – or sketches for more important works.” Hertlein.1980/81

What computer artists are looking for is tolerance – acceptance by the art world of the computer as a viable tool to use in the creation of art. Our gauntlet is to create art forms for a larger audience, not just for scientists, but for other human beings. Our world today needs the vision of an art that symbolizes a positive symbiosis of technology and human expression.” Hertlein 1980/81, p. 50)

Created 1972/73
Artwork Type: print

print, b/w, computer-generated

Software: FORTRAN
Hardware: HP; Flatbed Plotter

41.4 by 30.2 cm