Verknupfung von Punkten durch Folgen von Kreisbogen


Composed in collaboration with Gerold WeiB ( a specialist for graphic data processing working at Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm [MBB] see:MBB Computer Graphics since 1967).

WeiB wrote a programme that provided the opportunity to interfere with the drawing procedure, so that the artist can immediately take control of the creation process.

With the help of the computer, Roubaud systematically changed structures and broke them open in order to be able to observe the transition to more advanced structures.

A set of points is arranged on equidistant lines. While the distance between the lines remains the same, the distance between the points varies horizontally depending on a random number generator. The points are interconnected by the arcs of a circle – according to the density of the generated set of points the arcs are either labyrinthine or stretched. The sheet is part of a series of computer graphics which was published in the illustrated book Computer Graphics by Johann Willsberger.

[Source: Ex Machina – Frühe Computergrafik bis 1979. ...]

Created 1971 in Munich, Germany.
Artwork Type: drawing

drawing, c., computer-generated

34 by 34 cm