Aesthetic Theory of Colors – Parallel Complementary Order


CDC Cyber 72, Houston Instruments plotter
Programmed by Borut Dobovisek and Zdene Briska
Produced at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana

“A study of color-emotional and physiological perceptions – an analysis of over IAOO color experiments and empirical results, which have been processed and modified to the theoretical conception, are factors of the program which are not looking for a color order in a circle but rather in a linear color order resulting from uniformed program efforts.”
[Sergej Pavlin in: tendencije 5, exhib. cat., Galerija suvremene umjetnosti, Zagreb, 1973, n_ p. In: Rosen, 2011]

Created 1973 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Artwork Type: drawing

drawing, c., computer-generated

Ink, paper
58.4 × 80.3 cm