Juraj Dobrovic


Juraj Dobrović

Born 1928-01-29 in Jelsa, Croatia.
Pseudonymous: Juraj Dobrović

Juraj Dobrović is a significant Croatian artist, a member of the artistic movement New Tendencies. During more than four decades of his artistic career, he was present at all relevant and prestigious international and national art benchmarks. Although he never offered himself, none of the serious curators would consider excluding him from the selection: from the amblematic international New Tendencies, Venice Biennial and São Paulo Biennial to national – “Constructivism and Kinetic Art”, “125 years of HDLU – 125 Masterpieces of Croatian Art “, “ Monochromes”, “Exat 51” (Lisbon) and others.

From the immediate family of members of the New Tendencies movement (Picelj, Richter, Basicevic …) and the extended family of the devotees of the rational geometric structures (Picelj, Richter, Juric, Knifer Dobrović ...), Dobrović powerfully occupies his distinctive analytical system in which he varies effect of light, dissolves and overlaps complementary forms, but also questions expressions of universal duality and complementarity.

Juraj Dobrović has created oeuvre that is an active and vital contribution in building a new plastic culture that is, with expressed operating values and emanated spirituality, profoundly rooted in the reality of the epoch in which it arises, and in Croatia’s fine arts – from the beginnings until present day – it rightly enjoys a very high and completely distinct position.

Part of artist groups(s): New Tendencies

1928 Born in Jelsa, Croatia.

???? He was educated in Jelsa on island Bol and Split.

???? Graduated from the University of Zagreb, on Faculty of Economy and the Faculty of Arts (Art History).

since 1962 Exhibits at Croatia and abroad. He was a member of the international movement New Tendencies.

1972 Exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Italy.

1973 Exhibite at the Bienal de São Paulo, Brazil.

Dobrović lives and works in Zagreb.

Source: http://avantgarde-museum.com/kolekcija/ht/autor.php?lang=en&autor=51


Juraj Dobrović