Gerold Weiss

Born 1940 in Hohenelbe, now Vrchlabí, Czech Rep..

Gerold Weiss is a mathematician who was working for the MBB (Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm) aerospace company in Ottobrunn near Munich.

In 1971/72 he was a member of the short-lived group MBB Computer Graphics. The group was built by four engineers of MBB and one student of fine art. Within a short time, the five generated a considerably large set of (more or less) geometric patterns that were exhibited a first time at MBB in their Casino (summer 1972). Weiss’ particular work in the group was developing the programs for Sylvia Roubaud’s works.

The collection was presented to the public at Tendencies 5 in Zagreb (1973). Weiss also took part in the 1989 show, 25 Jahre Computerkunst – Grafik, Animation und Technik.

Part of artist groups(s): MBB Computer Graphics

x Graduates from high school in Bad Reichenhall (Germany)
x Studies mathematics at Technical University of Munich, and University of Munich
1967 Joins MBB’s Electronic Data Processing Department
1970 Starts working in computer graphics
1971-72 Member of the MBB Computer Graphics group, developing software for artist Sylvia Roubaud, thereby contributing to the work by the group