Knowlton’s “Untitled” [197/200] from 1972 shown at Drawing with Code in 2011.

Software: EXPLOR
Hardware: IBM 7094
Mikrofilm-Rekorder(Stromberg Carlson 4020)

The computer-generated screenprint from 1972 is part of the portfolio Art Ex Machina, published by Gilles Gheerbrant in Montréal. Its size is 21” x 15” with a blue, pink, green and purple screenprint on board, after a computer-generated image. [V&A Collection, n. d.]

Owned by:
[37/200] – Frieder Nake
[193/200] – V&A Collection
[197/200] – Anne and Michael Spalter Collection

Created 1972
Artwork Type: print

print, c., computer-generated

(Blue, Pink, Violet, Green) Ink on Mounting board.
38,2 by 50,8 cm.