Art of the Space Era

Part 1 of the Art of the Space Era Exhibition opened on January 14, 1978 at the Von Braun Civic Center of the Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama. Works in this portion of the show are primarily kinetic, technological works of art.

Part 2, the Invitational International Computer art Show, will open on May 5 at the museum. A catalog is being assembled at the present writing. Excerpts from this catalog will be printed in the August issue of CG&A.

Curators – Thomas A. Bowles & Carolyn Wood [Source: Computer Graphics and Art – May 78]

Check Pgs 29 to 33, Computer Graphics and Art – Aug 78 for the article “ Unimaginable Images: an art of the Era “ by Joseph P. Covington for elaborate information.