Programm-Information PI-21

On the occassion of an exhibition under the detailed, but horrible title, Herstellung von zeichnerischen Darstellungen, Tonfolgen und Texten mit elektronischen Rechenanlagen [Generation of graphic images, sound sequences, and text by electronic computers] at the Deutsches Rechenzentrum [German Computing Center] in Darmstadt 1966, the simple booklet “Programm-Information Pl-21” was published. Even though this was done without any consideration of the aesthetics, the brochure helped making German computer art known beyond the country. “It was at the same time one of the first publications to be devoted explicitly to Computer Art.” [Herzogenrath et al., 2007] It included black-and-white copies of the exhibited computer graphics works by Frieder Nake, as well as essays by all the artists:

The exhibition itself as well as this documentation must be considered one of the earliest (if not the earliest) undertakings uniting the three fields of image, text, and music.

Year: 1966
Month: April
Place: Darmstadt (Germany)
Publisher: Deutsches Rechenzentrum (DRZ)
Volume: 21
Pages: 51