Evolving aesthetic criteria for computer generated art

‘A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. Based on individual efforts to establish qualitative criteria, perceptions about computer generated art as an art form within the broader range of traditional artistic expression are disjointed. The formalized, heuristic approach taken for this inquiry into the developing aesthetics of computer art consisted of an interactive survey known as the Delphi Procedure, which was used to engage a panel of experts in an interchange of views and to explore the various ideologies present in scholarly debate on this topic. Essentially a philosophical inquiry, this study explores the presence or absence of a “consensus doctorum” about the aesthetics of computer art. The international panel of experts surveyed included Charles Csuri, Frank Dietrich, Hiroshi Kawano, Monique Nahas, Mihai Nadin, Frieder Nake, Lillian Schwartz, and Gene Youngblood. The questionnaire and the complete text of the responses are included in the discussion.’

Year: 1986
Publisher: Ohio State University - Department of Art Education
Pages: 84