GENDY3 consists of a sequence of 11
PARAG sections, of about 2 minutes in length each. In Formalized Music, Xenakis
proposed that an arbitrary chain of
PARAG sections could produce an interesting
musical composition. In
the case of GENDY3, the arrangement of
these sections does not give the impression
of being arbitrary; adjacent sections
are clearly separated from each other by
the considered use of contrasting material:
changes in register, number of
voices, barriers, etc. Each section has a
consistent and, to a certain degree, static
behavior, as the settings of all the parameters
of a section do not vary over time;
the abrupt changes from section to section
give a sense, or illusion, of progress
to the composition. (Sergio Luque,The Stochastic Synthesis
of Iannis Xenakis)

Created 1991
Artwork Type: audio, comp-gentd.