Vitus Fountain


The Vitus fountain is a kinetic fountain object, which is located at Vitus plaza in Zeven (Germany).

Zach has won the job for this object at the Zeven competition, where he simply ignored the topic about the city’s history, but won anyway.
The object is controlled by rain and sun and provide so for the user a link of nature. The nature changes the objekt and it connects to what is happening locally.

The fountain serve as scheme for some drawings by Wolfgang Zach.

compare »Zeichnung of Skulpture 2/86 (I + II) | drawing of sculpture 2/86 (I+II)
compare »ohne Titel (Zach)

[Source: Die fremde Hand 2008 (The Foreign Hand): p. 27]

Created 2002 in Zeven, Germany.
Artwork Type: installation

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Owner(s):  Vitusplatz