Alfred Graßl

Born 1941-07-09 in Vienna, Austria.
Pseudonymous: Alfred Grassl

Alfred Graßl is mainly known in the art scene for being a member of ars intermedia, a group which he co-founded together with others, like Otto Beckmann. With the latter he produced a series of works on the oscilloscope at the Technical University of Vienna, which they called “Elektronische Computergrafik” [electronic computer graphics] [cf. Oberquelle and Beckmann, 2008].

Part of artist groups(s): Ars Intermedia

1966–1970 Assistant professor at the Technical University in Vienna.

1966–1978 Member of ars intermedia.

1968 Graßl produced the first computer graphics with Otto Beckmann. They produced a kind of oscillographic images which resulted in painterly, almost Art Informel aetsthetics.

1971-1994 Graßl worked as a project manager on data-processing projects for the Vienna public transportation authority, as well as for the Austrian Federal Railways.

Since 1995 He is an independent consultant for various international railway companies in Eastern Europe.

[cf. Rosen et al., 2011]