Marc Adrian

Born 1930 in Vienna, Austria.
Died 2008

Marc Adrian was born in Vienna in 1930. Since the 1950s, he has been experimenting with a variety of artistic media. He belongs to the first postwar generation of Austrian avant-garde filmmakers who developed ‘structuralist films’ in the 1950s. He was particularly interested in problems of visual semantics in pictures, objects, texts, and films. He was a member of the New Tendencies movement. In 1969, he won an award at the computer art contest of Tendencies 4 (in Zagreb, Croatia) He joined t4 in ´68 and´69. His films of the early 1950s and 1960s show traces “in which the dimension of time is brought to bear on minimalist space structures which were sought in the visual arts at the time” (Thomas Rothschild).


Programming languages/software used: FORTRAN

1948–1954 Studied Sculpture at the Vienna Academy of Visual Arts ( 1948 first sculptural works)

1961 Founding member of ‘New Tendencies’,Zagreb,Yougoslavia.

1965 onwards Studied Perceptual Psychology at the University of Vienna,Austria.

1970–1973 Painting and Aesthetic Theory professorship at the School of Visual Arts,Hamburg, Germany.

1980–1981 Colleague at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA;

1988–1989 Hospice Ordinarius for Visual Communication at the Hessen University and Polytechnic of Kassel.

1985 onwards Lived and worked between Austria, Germany, France, and USA.